Information about the SkyDiamond server

the SkyDiamond server is a minecraft skyblock and pvp server.[the old PVP of the 1.8 is on]

the server is Regularly updated, the Staff is always available to support or help you.

SkyDiamond is mapped properly, the server has custom commands, ranks, and prefix… A mine is available for the players and is regenerated all the 20 minutes. A PVP warp, an EXP warp and many other were created for the players. Some animals are also available in a custom shop.

the server has a password system to allow non-premium users to log-in. SkyDiamond has been optimized to provide a gaming experience without lag whatever the computer.

the server is using a vote system . Each player can vote once every 3 hours on the site :

And once every 3 hours on the site :

to obtain various rewards.

The machine running the server can currently accommodate 15-20 people simultaneously. To participate in the financing or to support the server, you can donate to this address :

Ip :

discord server :

game mode :


version :


paying :

Items décoratifs

strengths :


trailer : click here