How to play ?

the SkyDiamond server is a Minecraft skyblock and PVP server.

This means that you have an island assigned at the start of your game and that your goal is to enlarge it throughout your game, but also to earn money (virtual) for progress in the server and buy objects that could help or animals.

The PVP is on only on the warp PVP. You will receive a book on your first login (which you can also recover with / kit start)

This book tells you many things like :

the principal command is :
/is : for create, join or manage your island. 

There are different warps that are accessible
with the command :
/warp {warp_name}

warps are :
warp miam
warp pvp
warp exp
warp shop
warp mine
warp idée

to go back to spawn use :

the server has an economy system.
sales between players are divided into several commands:
/ah (to access the market) 
/ah sell {prix} (with an objet in hand to sell it)
/ah bid {prix} (to bid on an item)