Warps list

The server groups several warps, all of which have a different design and utility..

This section have for goal to present all the warps of the server.

the miam warp

the miam warp (yum warp) is a warp that is made to provide food to the players.

Sheep, cows and pigs are constantly spawning.

Warp miam Warp miam Warp miam

the pvp warp

the pvp warp is a warp specially built for fighters.

The fighting arena is a mixed mountain area, villages and lakes.

Warp pvp Warp pvp

the exp warp

the exp warp is a warp built for those who like to reduce monsters to mush.

Warp exp Warp exp

the shop warp

Le shop warp is a warp where NPCs are present to buy items from players, to help them earn money.

For players to buy items, they must go through the shop (/ shop) or the other players' market (/ah)

Warp shop Warp shop Warp shop Warp shop

Le mining warp

the mining warp is a warp with a regenerated mine every 20 minutes.

In this warp, mastering the pickaxe is obligatory, unless you prefer

spend an hour mining. You choose.

Warp shop Warp shop Warp shop Warp shop

the idea warp

The idea warp is a warp where all ideas are good.

write ! Your ideas interest us !

Warp shop Warp shop Warp shop